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Science, Technology, Education, Arts, & Mentoring Camp 2021

SAJ & JAAZ 2021

A new season, a new summer. This year's summer camp will be Reviving, Refreshing, Renewing, and Rewarding with additional staff, flavor,classes, and fun! Participants will journey through the arts, science, audio and visual tech, participate in culinary arts, sports, fitness, games, instruments, voice, dance,  theatre, literacy, refresher studies, life skills, and more! $150 per week.

 Participants in grades 9 - 12 are welcome this year as we partner with the MVP program to offer a free focused and fun mentoriing and life skills program!

  • The Lion King Returns

  • The Power Within

  • Summer Camp Photography

  • Summer Art Classes

  • Science Experiments

  • Summer Contests/Fun!

  • Culinary Class

  • Culinary

  • Building Communities

  • Filmmaking

  • Horticulture

  • IMG 7462

  • IMG 8348


We want to perform live as much as we can!  We also have virtual programs and events. Stay tuned!

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